Przestrzenne 3D Advertising Signs We offer illuminated and non-illuminated spatial letters made using available market technologies. The Elkamet system with LED lighting is a tape used to build letters 20mm wide with a place to insert plexiglass. read more Kasetony Advertising Lightboxes
Illuminated advertising is the most perfect form of visual promotion for any company. We offer you illuminated lightboxes for external installation and within the interiors of buildings. We provide the design and appropriate selection of materials. read more
Szyldy Signs and Banners
We make advertising signs on any substrates. The most commonly used include: PVC with a maximum format of 300x200cm, galvanized sheet, plexi, polypropylene, cellular polycarbonate, dibond with a maximum format of 400x150cm. read more
Reklama okienna Window Advertising Solvent foil is a material commonly used in large-format printing due to the highest quality of color achieved and versatility of applications. It is mainly used for flat surfaces such as: windows, on boards, signs, flat parts of cars. read more Poligrafia Polygraphy
Print Services Among the many services we provide, we also offer high-quality printing services. We carry out typical prints such as: flyers, posters, promotional folders, company paper, but we also offer offset printing and large-format printing. read more
Upominki Advertising gifts
We offer various types of promotional gifts with print. A wide range of advertising gadgets is available in catalogs. We perform high-quality multicolor printing using modern technologies. read more
Dla agencji For Advertising Agencies
We offer services for advertising agencies. Comprehensive implementation of advertising, transport in the country and abroad, a rich machinery park, broadly understood printing, advertising gadgets. read more
Na konstrukcjach Advertisements on Structures
We carry out orders for the production of large-format advertisements along with the preparation of appropriate structures. By commissioning us to create advertisements for your company, such as logos, boards or signs, it can appear practically everywhere. read more

Advertisement producer

TTN was founded in 1992 and has been growing steadily since then as a comprehensive advertisement producer. We specialise in providing full service to larger and smaller retail chains on the national and European market. Our offer is also aimed at individual customers.

TTN Advertising agency

It employs high-calibre specialists who, in addition to their knowledge and experience, have an extensive technical background. This allows us to carry out the projects entrusted to us at various stages of execution. In the advertising industry, we operate in specific areas and are known as a resilient advertisement producer. We operate within the following cities: Warsaw, Lublin, Rzeszow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan and others, generally the whole of Poland. To a great extent we operate in foreign markets. Areas of cooperation are: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary or Lithuania generally the whole European Union.

As advertisement producer only in 2023 alone, we employed dozens of people in 3 locations. We had operations in 9 countries of the European Union. We completed more than 500 assembly projects and drove more than 617,655 kilometres. It should be added that we have a fleet of over a dozen vehicles for international transport. We have printed 9 348m2 of material for the production of advertising panels. As many as 7,358m2 of textile materials forming point-of-sale signage. 4 380m2 of solvent film forming window advertising.

To your disposal

A highly qualified workforce, a modern design department and an extensive fleet of machinery. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles at our disposal. As a result, we are able to carry out every order from inventory to final realisation. The UV print shop is able to operate on a 24-hour basis. This important element ensures that we are able to carry out assigned tasks quickly and smoothly.

What we offer

We provide attractive discounts for regular customers, companies and institutions ordering complex services. We provide a technical guarantee for our orders. At the customer’s request, we can provide a well-equipped machine park at attractive prices. We can provide you with circular saws, bending machines, milling machines and other equipment. Printing machines and plotters are available on request. We offer transport services using specialised vehicles and of course the services of our specialist technicians.

At your disposal

Graphics studio and design studio available. A team of top-notch graphic designers who work with Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and others.

appropriate local facilities with a high-quality machine park; including cutting and milling plotters, milling machines, grinders and others

a large transport fleet adapted to requirements and professional, highly specialized installation teams with many years of rich experience

Agfa Jeti Tauro 2500 L Printer – hybrid plotter

As one of the few in Poland, we provide printing services using an Agfa Jeti Tauro 2500 L hybrid plotter. Such a device prints magnificently on large-format surfaces.

The Tauro 2500 is a true hybrid printer. The mechanical components are enclosed in a robust housing so that they can easily cope with extreme loads. It can print 24/7 and is capable of printing advertising on a wide range of rigid and flexible substrates. The Tauro 2500 printer is capable of printing on surfaces up to 2.54 m wide. It is possible to print on rigid media up to 4 m long, offering endless possibilities for creating eye-catching prints.

The unit is powered by Asanti workflow technology. Thanks to this it is optimised to work with Agfa’s high-pigment UV LED inks, the Tauro H2500 LED takes on every challenge. You can only expect high-quality, highly vibrant prints that always stand out.

Full offer
  • Advertising lightboxes (coffer...
    We offer illuminated lightboxes for outdoor installation and in the interiors of buildings. We provide visualisation design, appropriate sel...
  • 3D Advertising signs
    We manufacture 3D letters from all available materials and technologies. We provide great flexibility in the choice of backlighting, finishi...
  • Signs / boards / plaques
    We design and produce advertising boards from the smallest signage to large-format displays that are the perfect solution for signposting yo...
  • Advertisements on structures
    We carry out large-format orders together with the preparation of appropriate structures. We provide design, aesthetic execution and profess...
  • Advertisements on structures
    We carry out large-format orders together with the preparation of appropriate structures. We provide design, aesthetic execution and profess...
  • Offer for advertising agencies
    A fleet of vehicles and assembly teams are at your disposal, as well as an extensive machine park. We offer: small printing - business cards...
  • Printing services - polygraphy
    We offer offset and large-format printing, beautiful looking calendars, notebooks, flyers, brochures and business cards according to our own...
  • Advertising gifts
    For the labelling of gadgets and gifts, we use many modern technologies, including pad printing, screen printing, thermal transfer, laser en...
  • Service promotions
    In the PROMOTIONS section, you will find all information on current promotions in the areas of service sales, visual design, transport and i...
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Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact us, our employees will answer your questions and help you make a decision. If you have a question directly to one of our departments, use the contact details provided on the page.

Service sales – office
+48 81 744 29 88

Outdoor advertising workshop
20-350 Lublin, ul. Chemiczna 19
+48 81 441 03 91

Department of printing and advertising gadgets
20-350 Lublin, Równa 4 str.
+48 81 744 29 88