Offer for Advertising Agencies

Our attractive offer, specifically aimed at companies and advertising agencies, encompasses a wide range of services. These services are designed to help your brand stand out from the competition.

What we do:

  • In addition, our services include small print and advertising gadgets. We can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences
    • we offer large-format prints, which are perfect for window displays
    • we provide large-format prints that are ideal for vehicle advertising
    • also, we offer custom-designed business cards to meet your professional needs.
    • additionally, we are proficient in creating prints on a wide range of materials to suit your unique requirements
    • furthermore, we produce eye-catching posters and banners tailored to your promotional needs
    • moreover, we create professional folders, catalogs, and leaflets to enhance your business’s visibility.

Vehicle Fleet

  • Furthermore, our services extend to managing a Vehicle Fleet, which can be a crucial aspect for many businesses.
    • moreover, we are proud to have a modern vehicle fleet (DMC 3.5t). This fleet consists of fully built-up vehicles, vehicles with tarpaulin-type construction, as well as versatile delivery-passenger vehicles.
    • additionally, we take pride in employing drivers who possess international experience, enhancing the quality of our services
    • equally important, we guarantee the safe transport of the load throughout the entire route. This includes its loading and unloading, as well as its insurance, ensuring complete peace of mind for our clients
    • furthermore, we handle transport orders not only in Poland. We also across the entire territory of the European Union, expanding our reach and capabilities
    • additionally, we take care of preparing all necessary documents for both domestic and international transport. We provide a smooth and seamless experience for our customers.

Assembly Teams

  • At your disposal:
    • moreover, we have trained assembly teams who possess the necessary permissions to work at heights. This ensures the highest standards of safety and efficiency in our operations
    • additionally, we boast a fleet of vehicles and installation teams. Thanks to these resources, we are able to carry out orders throughout Poland. Additionally, we can serve the entire European Union, ensuring a wide reach for our services.

The offer for companies and advertising agencies also includes the following proposals:

  • We have a rich machinery park that allows us to carry out the most difficult orders. We have, among others:
    • moreover, we have a CNC milling machine that supports the full 3D range. This advanced technology allows us to create precise and complex designs, further enhancing the quality of our services
    • furthermore, we are equipped with a large-format printer with a foil laminator. This advanced equipment allows us to produce high-quality prints. It ensures durability of the printed materials, enhancing our services’ quality.
    • additionally, we also have a digital printer. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce high-quality prints quickly and efficiently, meeting the diverse needs of our clients
    • additionally, we have a thermoforming machine specifically for embossing spatial signs. This specialized equipment allows us to create unique and eye-catching signage, further enhancing the visibility and appeal of your brand
    • hybrid plotter Agfa Jeti Tauro 2500 LED
    • furthermore, we are equipped with a thermal plotter and benders for plexiglass and PVC. These tools allow us to work with a variety of materials. They create custom shapes and designs, expanding your advertising possibilities
    • moreover, we also have welders for steel and aluminum. These tools allow us to work with various metals. They ensure we can create durable, high-quality products to meet your needs.

They trusted us

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